Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Parasite Protocol Round 1 : Day 9 ~ Mebendazole Blitz

Today, instead of giving Jojo his usual mebendazole doses of 200mg in the a.m. and 200mg in the p.m., we had to give him 500mg in the morning at one shot. 3 hours after that I had to give him a dose of castor oil.  3 hours after the castor oil I had to give him an enema (MMS).

Thank God today is a public holiday, so I could take my time giving his enema.  Otherwise there would have been a mad rush to give him a quickie one at lunch time before he goes back to school for the afternoon session on Wednesdays.  This is because I give him the mebendazole in the morning at breakfast, with something fatty (chicken, in his case) for better absorption.  Then he goes to school and the castor oil (capsules) is given to him by this therapists at school approximately 3 hours after the mebendazole.  He finishes school at 12 p.m., comes home and has his lunch and I will have to put a catheter up where the sun don't shine before he returns to school at 2:00 p.m.

It's true what they say, no rest for the wicked. 

And yes... the fact that I AM wicked is truly established :P

So the moral of the story is, one has to perhaps juggle the daily routine a little to fit in these parasite protocol doses.  It was 'challenge' enough with the MMS (oh did I tell you that we have had to eliminate the term 'MMS' from our vocabulary and refer to it now as 'CD' in line with Kerri Rivera's upcoming book? CD = Chlorine Dioxide. So yeah.. get with the programme ;D I may have to change the title of this blog :P)  With the parasite protocol, one will have more to keep track of:

  • Mebendazole / Combantrin
  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) + Rompepiedras (RP)
  • Castor Oil
  • Neem
All the above are given in different combinations on different days, no real pattern to it so one has to be on the ball enough to know what is given on which days of the Parasite Protocol from Days 1 - 18. From Day 18 onwards it's just the DE and the RP. 

I have to say that I have seen a lot of worms only after starting the Parasite Protocol. So what I read about Andreas Kalcker saying that CD (read: MMS) alone will not kill the parasites and that mebendazole is required must be true.  Whilst it does happen ~ parasites being killed by CD alone, best results are achieved with the Rivera CD protocol done in conjunction with the Kalcker Parasite Protocol.

Jojo seemed to be in discomfort before his enema today, 3 hours after the castor oil.  He passed something that looked like it had been big and fat in a previous life (pic below) :P after the initial water enema.  He was all smiles again after that.


If Jabba The Hutt had been a worm, it'd prolly look like the big boy on the right +___+

I lurrrrrve my cheeseburger and fries... XD

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Parasite Protocol Round 1 : Day 8

Very small 'fry' today...

Saw a very distinct white "vein" running through this one. When I lifted it with a fork, it didn't break,
the central white vein held it together

Another closer look of the white vein-y one

It's been a while since I wrote in this blog but I have been so busy.  I have been poop-diving for quite a while now, started about a week before April's Parasite Protocol.  Getting to be more confident about differentiating between biofilm (translucent, clear, film-like gel), mucus (breaks up in water) and worm pieces (looks like layers of opaque tissue, when lifted with work it intertwines around itself like a rope).

Kerri says that the outer skin of the worm is usually totally digested by the time these worms are expelled and what we see, that rope-like, intertwined tissue are its intestines, the insides of the worm.

Update: Today's "catch" seemed small because Jojo went to the toilet about an hour after the enema and expelled some more worms.  They all went down to the toilet, literally, no toilet 'hat' to collect them as he wasn't with me but downstairs with the maid. She said she saw lots of the "white stuff" in the toilet bowl ~ the 'stuff' you see in the pics here.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Parasite Protocol Round 1 : Day 7

Not such a prolific catch today...

Shorter bits than usual, but still with the "rope motif"

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Parasite Protocol Round 1 : Day 6

Check the fat, pale one on the left. Uggh....

A closer look. Again, the rope-like appearance.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Parasite Protocol Round 1 : Day 5

Still with the rope-like appearance. Or could it just be mucus?

A close-up, if you will....

Rope-like, layers intertwined together

I also noticed it had a 'vein' running throught it. Maybe it's just me trying to find something out of nothing. However Jojo really feels good after these things leave his body. Check the pic below:

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Parasite Protocol Round 1 : Day 3

I posted this pic on the MMS Autism Facebook page asking whether this could just be mucus or not.

Kerri replied that it is the intestines of the work, the outer "skin  having already been digested.

The "object" looks like it has many layers, with the layers intertwining around themselves... like a rope.

Can you see the vein-like thing running along it's length?

Wondering if this the same thing that those people writing about 'rope parasites" are talking about.

The evening 'catch' XD

Not bad for a day's work ;)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Parasite Protocol Round 1: Day 1 ~ Biofilm

I thought this was biofilm but it's thicker and opaque. Showed a pic to Kerri and she said that they are worm INTESTINES. The outer skin is already digested and the inside (intestines etc) disintegrates like this. 

Catch of the day, evening BM. May just be mucus but Jojo's happy :) Better out than in!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Biofilm : First Recorded Sighting

Mmmmm jelly.... :D

I like the way Kerri Rivera equates finding biofilm to a jackpot in Las Vegas... DING DING DING DING DING! :D

This stuff is a clear, translucent gel-like matrix that holds a plethora of pathogens ~ staph and strep and apparently holds heavy metals too.  Better out than in!

Thursday, 18 April 2013


I was about to start a MMS enema on Jojo after a water enema when I saw this yellowish 'thing' pooled outside his anus.

I tried to remove it with my gloved hand thinking it was a dab of soft stool but it 'unfurled' ~ a stringy, yellow, gel-like thing hanging half in-half out of his rectum.

See a lot of these types of things on the MMS Autism Facebook group. They are pretty sure that this is a worm +___+

It  broke as I tried to tug it out. I wasn't doing a poop-dive on that particular day so I didn't get to retrieve the other part left inside the rectum.  It must have been expelled together with the BM after that.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

MMS : Day 20 ~ Stasis

20 drops activated MMS (Keavy's) = 10 drops activated standard MMS, total of 10 doses.

We stayed at 10 drops (henceforth shall be writing in terms of standard MMS) today, will prolly stay here at 10 drops for another day before (cautiously) ramping up to 11 drops the day after tomorrow. 

I suspect it's not so much Herxing but Jojo swallowing too much air when he's gulping down the morning MMS doses.  The air enters his tummy, makes him burp and regurgitate the MMS. Still... it's better to err on the side of caution.

Not a bad day for Jojo today. Generally calm but not languid.  Short, intermittent bursts of annoyance whilst at his gran's.


Given at 6pm -- 20 drops MMS in 1 litre. Seems to be able to take in and hold in more for a little bit longer than usual.  I haven't come to the point where I am "poop diving" yet, so I don't really know if there are any parasites coming out on the MMS oral and enemas alone.

I'm kinda keen though, to finally confirm my 'suspicions' that Jojo does indeed suffer from parasite infestation. However I will need to reach max dose of MMS (i.e. 26 drops) for Jojo's weight before I can start the PP. Since each month's PP begins 2 days before the full moon and is therefore at a specific time, I can only jump on the wagon next month, In shaa Allah.  Hopefully would have safely reached max dose by then.


Beautifully peacefully.  I notice that he sleeps very well on days when he gets an enema.  Kerri suggests daily enemas, so I shall follow from now on.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

MMS : Day 19 ~ Herxing

Supposed to be 22 drops Keavy's MMS = 11 drops standard MMS, total of maximum number of doses I could get in him, it being the weekend and all... if everything had been all right.

However, Jojo started vomiting about 30 minutes after the first dose, which I gave him at 6:30am.

He had stormed into our bedroom, giggling and laughing (the yeasty kind), exuberant and besides himself with glee at 6:30am.  God only Knows how long he had been up for or whether he had a slept a wink the night before.  (I didn't rewind the CCTV footage to check.)

He threw up twice this morning (not the projectile, Linda Blair kind as some have noted when their child Herx-es on MMS, thank the Lord) after which I stopped the day's dosing.

Tomorrow I go back to the number of drops where he didn't vomit, stay there for a few days before ramping up again.  I had expected this Herxheimer's reaction but prolly not as soon as this.

As much as I am keen to reach max dose so that we can start Kalcker's Parasite Protocol on time next month, it is important not to stress him or make him suffer (any more than he already has).

There are reason I don't allow comments on this blog.

It's almost like a private journal/diary of Jojo's MMS journey.  It just happens to be online.  I need a place where I can keep track of the number of drops given and on what days.  I need to keep a record of the observations I make, the reaction he has towards a particular dose or frequency of dosing.  I need to see a 'pattern', if there is one, of his reaction towards the oral doses, enemas and baths.

As such, it's a DRY blog. I am convinced I am the only who reads it, so providing a space for comments is rather moot.

Secondly, I know there are loads of naysayers out there who do not necessarily agree to my decision to treat Jojo's inherent and chronic gastrointestinal issues with MMS.  I have read what all those on the other side of the divide have to say about it and I don't really want to hear the same broken record.  I have made my decision and as his mother I have a right to make it.  Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion, just that I would like them to keep it that way... personal, I have no need nor desire for them to share it with me. Ta very mooch.

Call me an ostrich if you will but when you rail against those who put chemotherapy drugs in children then perhaps I'd give you the time of day.  Prove to me that MMS given according to Kerri Rivera's protocol has actually HURT a child, then perhaps I might consider giving #teambleach my attention.

This is the last I am going to say about the matter but it needs to be said.

Enema:  20 drops in 1 litre

Sleep : Like a log

Friday, 15 March 2013

MMS : Day 11 ~ Yeast Flare?

11 drops activated MMS in 8 ozs water, total of 10 doses.


I had to attend parent-training at Jojo's school again today, something we do every Friday.  I heard Jojo say "all done" very clearly for the first time once he had finished one of his tasks.

He was calm in the car on the way back, fussed a bit upon reaching home but quickly settled down.

Otherwise an uneventful day, just that towards the evening he began to get agitated. Pacing up and down and seeming rather agitated.


Tucked him into bed but another night where it was difficult for him to fall asleep. Took about 2 hours before he could fall asleep and when I woke up at 4 am and checked on him, he was up! Sitting in the dark in the bathroom.

Kinda creeped me out.

Took him back to bed and I tucked him back in.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

MMS : Day 10 ~ Blowing In The Wind

10 drops of activated MMS in 8 ozs of water, total of 10 doses.


I can count on the fingers of two hands how many times I have heard Jojo pass wind (out of his cute butt :D) Such a contrast from his two brothers who have never had any problems passing gas even from  early days after birth. Thank God for this because this meant none of them had any colic problems. I feel truly blessed not to have to deal with colicky babies then. (Thanks to minyak telon, too, which is essentially just minyak kayuputih or cajuput oil that I used to rub on their tums. I swear by this stuff for elimination of wind/gas in babies!)

Da absolute bomb, smells lovely together with baby powder too!

So, as I was lolling about with him this morning and heard a very subtle "poooot", I felt like marking it on my calendar! LOL  He gave me a huge grin after that, prolly knowing it's not quite the thing to cut the cheese so blatantly... AND feeling much more comfortable in his tummy after passing wind. (As mentioned in an earlier post, I haven't noticed much bloating of his tummy lately.)

No tantrums coming back from school again today, Alhamdulillah

Strangely he didn't want to spend time splashing in the bath tub today but chose to watch "The Little Mermaid" on a loop on his iPad. Must be all the marine... life in the video not so much for winsome redheads in shell-shaped bikini top and shimmering tail. LOL  Jojo does have a thang for everything that lives in water, though :P


Some probs falling asleep but didn't take long to succumb to arms of Hypnos.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

MMS : Day 9 ~ Anxiety Gone?

9 drops activated MMS in 8 ozs of water, total of 10 doses.


Jojo has always been a child who needs someone to be near to him all the time.  Poses quite a problem, even at school, because the therapist cannot leave the room for longer than 5 seconds without him throwing a tantrum.

I read that anxiety and nervousness is a symptom of parasites in the body.


However, today Jojo went downstairs to the empty guestroom all by himself and sat/lay there ALL BY HIMSELF for quite a while.  We were worried because we couldn't find him (he's usually sticking to any one of us like a burr :P) and we were pleasantly surprised to see him spending time by himself in the guestroom downstairs, happily occupying himself by stimming :P (finger/hand flapping and verbal stimming).  Didn't seem anxious to be by himself at all.

Even his father commented that this was something new about Jojo.  Alhamdulillah.

Fatimah, the maid who helps keep an eye on Jojo when I cannot, also commented that Jojo is much calmer than before.  No longer physically aggressive to her when he doesn't get his way. Alhamdulillah.

Good mood coming back from school too today, Alhamdulillah.


Slept very early at around 9:20pm.

Tools of the trade. I had to "deface" the gorgeous Schott Zwiesel lead-free crystal shot glass with stickers so I'd know exactly how much MMS mix (1 oz) to pour out at any one time ;D


Reading this broke my heart:

(Warning:  The photos that accompany the article are very difficult to look at.)

If this happens in the US of A where awareness and facilities for people with special needs are more developed than most countries in the world, what hope for us in these neck of the woods? 


My heart goes out to Alex and his mother.  May Allah SWT make it easy for them both.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

MMS : Day 8 ~ Semboyan Telah Berbunyi*

8 drops of activated MMS in 8 ozs of water, total of 10 doses.


  • Jojo woke up in a good mood today.  He was like a playful kitten the rest of the day, lots of smiles and cheeky antics.  
  • Calm and languid as the past several days.  Didn't throw usual tantrum when he came back from school, Alhamdulillah.
  • Stomach no longer bloated with gas.
  • Sores from 'chronic eczema' (as per dermatologist's diagnosis, but I believe it's those danged parasites!) on his buttocks are healing and not recurring as per usual.
  • Sores on legs persist because he keeps peeling off the scabs.


Fell asleep early in my bed but when I sent him to his room, helped him brush his teeth and tucked him into bed, he woke up again. Saw him get out of bed on the CCTV, went back to tuck him back in.  About 10 mins of whingeing and whining (again observed on CCTV) but then he fell asleep again, thank the Lord!

________________________ . __________________________

*Semboyan Telah Berbunyi = The Klaxon call has been sounded

Today's post is titled the way it is because the "klaxon call" for enemas has been sounded.  I find even the mere thought of administering enemas on Jojo (who is now almost as tall as I am and as strong as an ox!) daunting as all get out.

However, I know it HAS to be done.  I feel like a total wuss for being daunted by the mere thought when I read on the MMS Autism Facebook group that there are wheelchair bound mums who manage to administer it on their late-teen children with autism.  So come on Z, wrestle with Jojo if you must but you have to get this done!

*deep inhale deep exhale*

I don't have the 140cc Kendall Monoject syringes and disposable catheters that I want from ... YET... so I will have to go the more 'traditional' enema bag route.

Bought this kit from NewLife in Ampang Park, the oldest mall in the city. The size of that anal probe is kinda wigging me out at the mo'. I am not sure what Jojo will think :P

Jojo likes to loll about in the guest room downstairs, under his fave calming blanket.  Perhaps I'll do it there, put on some soothing sounds of nature whilst I'm at it.  (At school he has his "personal calming corner" where he has a blanket and some cushions and they put on soothing music and draw the curtains for him whenever things get a bit... overwhelming.)  Thankfully the guest room has an en suite bathroom 'coz if he can't hold it in, he can just quickly "let go" in the commode.

.... so here goes... menuju medan bakti!

(The title of this post is actually from a rousing song that is sung by our troops when they head out to the frontlines of war.. With everything happening in Lahad Datu, Sabah recently... [although in no way am I equating our troops' sacrifice and struggle to mine]... I guess I am feeling the 'war vibe'.)

Monday, 11 March 2013

MMS : Day 7 ~ The Languidness Continues

7 drops activated MMS in 8 ozs of water, total of 11 doses.


  • Nothing out of the ordinary. Calm and rather lethargic in the morning. 
  • Increased mouthing of objects ~ from the collar of his t-shirt, Mummy's scrunchy (ecch..) and even book spines! T__T
  • Had an outburst when he returned from school.  Started banging and kicking on furniture.  Broke the table fan in the maids' room. (His hits and kicks are reeeealllly strong!)
  • Asked for "pampam" without using Proloquo2Go on the iPad and had the hugest grin on his face (whilst skipping to the kitchen) when we understood him and fulfilled his request later in the afternoon.
  • No BM :(  The likelihood of enemas loom large *deep exhale*
  • Did not observe sound sensitivity in him today.  The adhan came on and he was fine, Alhamdulillah.


Fell asleep early at around 9:30pm.

____________________ . ____________________

Today was Jojo's first day on Biocean Hypertonic seawater. We're giving him 40mls in the morning 5 minutes after the first MMS dose of the day, mixed with 3 parts filtered water.

He does seem to prefer the MMS taste than the taste of the seawater as he downs the MMS without a problem.  I could see him gagging as he tried to finish the 160mls of seawater plus filtered water mix in the glass. I tasted a teaspoon and it does have a very mineral quality and taste to it.  Not salty at all once mixed in with 3 parts of water, though.

If only you could be as calm and happy as this every day, my love

Sunday, 10 March 2013

MMS : Day 6 ~ Diarrhea

6 drops activated MMS in 8 ozs of water (8 doses) + 5 drops activated MMS in 8 ozs water (4 doses). Total : 12 doses


Today the diarrhea started.  Not the "faucet" variety (to put it in Kerri's words) but the soft, unformed stool variety.  I was thinking of going back to 5 drops and stay there for the next 3 days then ramp up again to 6 drops. So I e-mailed Kerri (I hope she doesn't think I am the biggest nuisance! T__T) and she said that it's normal 'detox stool' and should not worry about ramping up another drop tomorrow.

Jojo was in a very happy mood today -- all smiles and giggles (not yeast-induced ones, at least I don't think so!) engaging with all of us in play.  He was still rather languid -- calm and not hyper. 

He got a bit upset in the evening when the nearby mosque started their ritual evening Quran readings over the PA. (Totally unnecessary and bida'ah if you ask me, but hey what do I know.. I'm just your friendly neighbourhood wahabi, right? *tongue firmly wedged in cheek* :P) When the adhan came on he got upset too.  All in all, I noticed an increased sensitivity to sound today.


Slept at 10pm and straight on till the a.m.  I still notice dark circles around his eyes (lighter though now). Most probably due to his (numerous) food intolerances, although we watch his GF/CF/SF diet like a hawk.

Food For Thought ~ Mother's Gut Flora Influencing Baby's Health

Excerpt from an article from mmshealthyforlife 
Click on image for larger view

An eye-opener for me because I suffered the worst candidiasis during my pregnancy with Jojo.  I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum and the perpetual vomiting must have eliminated all the good bacteria in my stomach. It lasted up to the seventh month :(  I didn't know enough nor was advised to  ingest probiotics... hence the yeast overgrowth. 

Just my personal theory.... but I feel so bad now... with all the 'what if'-s... :(

Then again, Allah Knows Best. I do not question the path that He has mapped out for me. May He continue to give me the strength and the patience to keep on keepin' on where Jojo is concerned.


Saturday, 9 March 2013

MMS : Day 5 ~ Stringy Cheese

5 drops of activated MMS in 8 ozs of water, 8 doses + 4 drops of activated MMS in 8 ozs of water, 4 doses.Total doses: 12.

Today I decided to take advantage of the weekend and Jojo not being at school to get at least 12 doses in him.


He tolerated it well and FINALLY had a BM. He passed a huge "log" and I saw a stringy, pale yellow-ish jelly-like piece sticking out of the impressive... err... turd.

Please forgive the language, it's about to get more graphic in here (I hope, anyway... would love to post pics of worms when the time comes! XD )

At first I thought it probably was a piece of ascaris lumbricoides but someone's post on the MMS Autism Facebook page tells me that it could also probably be yeast... or the remains of what could have been a particularly thriving yeast "community". 

A hearty bowlful of ascaris lumbricoides.. >__< Eating spaghetti will never be the same *gag*


"Excessive candida may be present in the stool during periods of extreme yeast growth or die-off, also called Herxheimer Syndrome. Die-off occurs when your body is getting rid of excess yeast. Stools with an overabundance of yeast may contain a white, stringy material that is similar to thin pieces of string cheese. This cheesy substance is one of the most common signs of too much candida in a bowel movement. Yeast in the stool has also been compared to cottage cheese. The candida can also look "frothy," similar to yeast in bread mix when it is rising, or candida can look like a mucus-like substance."

Jojo also seemed even more lethargic today than he was yesterday.


He fell asleep in the morning, for a brief period and fell asleep at 9:15 in the evening, a whole 1 hour 15 mins before his usual bedtime. No problems staying asleep tonight, the BM must have been a welcome relief. Thank the Lord.

Friday, 8 March 2013

MMS : Day 4 ~ Constipation

4 drops of activated MMS in 8 ozs of water, total of 9 doses.


Jojo started the day off rather languidly, a few minutes he was due to leave for school I had to go looking for him.  He is usually by the door, with his sandals on, waiting for the driver to arrive to send him to school.  This morning he was not by the door.  I found him in the kitchen, lying on the floor (!) in a Cleopatra pose (haha!) just languidly relaxing without any urgency to go anywhere.

Thank God he didn't throw a hissy fit when we made him get up and go to school! 

I had to attend (ABA) parent-training at his school today and his therapists showed me how they play Uno with him.  He was calm and very cooperative.  We had fun, lots of smiles and I managed to win at Uno for once! LOL 

His lead therapist told me that his behaviour has been good this past week (I didn't tell them that I had started Jojo on MMS.  They are not very receptive to the idea of biomedical treatment for children with autism anyhoos..) and he has shown ability to CALM HIMSELF DOWN even when he feels frustrated.  He'd sit cross-legged on the floor, cross his arms a'la "nice hands" position and sit quietly for 2-3 mins.  After that he'll just get up and carry on as normal.  Cool beans, eh? :D Alhamdulillah..

Jojo didn't have his usual BM* today.  His mood seemed all right in the afternoon but by evening he appeared restless. He seemed tired by 10:30pm, yawning and ready to fall asleep. So I tucked him into bed and left him.  I usually watch him via CCTV from my room to make sure he falls asleep (by himself) peacefully.  I could easily lie down next to him to do so but I don't want him to get used to having someone do that.  He'll be 25 before we know it and still expect someone to pat him to sleep! NOT something I want. 

Anyhoos... I observed him being very restless. He got up from bed, started pacing all around his room like a caged tiger. He opened his bedroom door in expectation of me to come, he started to look up at the camera (he knows I am watching) more frequently. Then he started banging on his bedside table, his wardrobe in anger.  I went a couple of times to tuck him back into bed, only for him to get up again as soon as I leave. 

That was when I decided to email Kerri (at 12:00am Malaysian time). This is one of the times I am thankful for time difference between time zones! I asked Kerri if there's anything that I can do to alleviate the apparent discomfort that Jojo was feeling.  She replied promptly (!) and sent me this:

I totally believe that Jojo has worms even though we haven't reached the stage for the Parasite Protocol and the joys of 'digging for gold' are not available for me yet XD

 It was 12:00 am, I did not have any of the necessary paraphernalia to administer an enema so extra MMS doses were my only recourse.  I mixed another 8 oz baby bottle of 4 drops activated MMS and promptly gave Jojo a dose. He had been up for close to 1.5 hrs by that time, in discomfort and agitation.  After the MMS dose, 10 minutes later he went out like a light.

If I had any doubts of the efficacy of MMS, they all went out the window after that.

This stuff is magic in a HDPE bottle.


Bought these from Keavy's Corner

*BM = bowel movement


I teared up reading this.  The entire list describes Jojo to a 'T'. (I got this off here)

I fervently pray that we have found the most effective, correct and suitable treatment for Jojo in MMS and the Parasite Protocol that we will embark upon once Jojo reaches his max MMS dose for his weight.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

MMS : Day 3 ~ The Beginning of Speech?

3 drops of activated MMS in 8oz of water.


Jojo seemed to be "happily agitated" (I can't quite describe it any other way!) still today, smiling whilst grabbing/poking but I noticed less of the grabbing and poking than yesterday.

However, the biggest "high" of the day was when he handed me his iPad to ask for pancakes using Proloquo2go and said "pampam". Prior to this, if he wanted to request anything using the Proloquo2go from me, he'd just press the pic/icon of the item he wanted and leave the iPad lying around without even passing it to me, without saying anything. So when I first heard him say "pampam" yesterday, I thought I was just hearing things. (I have a pretty wild imagination :P) I put it down to me wanting to hear him say something so much.Then, later in the evening, he practically shoved his iPad under my nose and said, "pampam!" again and the pic of the pancake was right there in the item requested window!

As I posted in the MMS Autism Facebook Group, I don't know if it was magic / my imagination / MMS but I felt like doing cartwheels XD

For a child who is extremely reluctant to open his mouth to verbalise anything, this was a HUGE deal. 

As this is only our 3rd day, at 3 drops... I am hoping that this just the start of many more good things to come. Aamiin.

I was worried that he might not like the taste of the MMS but he seems to take to it all right.  I put the baby bottle in the fridge so he gets to drink the MMS chilled.


Went out like a light and slept on peacefully till the morning.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

MMS : Day 2

2 drops of activated MMS in 8 ozs of water today (effectively 1/4 of a drop per hourly dose).

Jojo was supposed to go for his riding lesson yesterday but we decided to call it off due to his "hyperactivity". He's not upset nor angry, just seems to be in a state of "excitement" -- lots of tapping/poking/pinching too today.  Jojo is very strong for his age and a tap can feel like a shove.  His Dad brought him to the pool though and he said that at one point Jojo came up from behind him and gave him a shove that almost made him land in the pool! (Now that would have been one for the album XD - Ed.)

  • Slightly elevated body temperature enough to flush his cheeks pink after 3 doses or so. (Apparently flushes are part of the Herxheimer Syndrome)
  • Very much less coughing than yesterday. Read on the MMS Facebook Group that coughing after taking MMS could be due to parasites in the lung dying. Hmmm.
  • Increased hyperactivity and "excitement" still there. It's like he doesn't quite know what to do with himself but is besides himself with excitement. Lots of verbal stim too.

Woke up earlier than usual.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

MMS : Day 1

Following Kerri Rivera's MMS (baby bottle) protocol, we started off with 1 drop of activated MMS in 8 ozs of water stored in a glass baby bottle.

Jojo is given 1 oz of the mixture hourly, so effectively he is getting 1/8th of a drop each time. His first dose was given after school at 1 pm.  He is now given 8 doses only although my reading tells me that it is a minimum.  I suppose I could increase up to 9-12 doses a day but I'm kinda leery of the possible increase in die-off effects too.

Given a choice, the joys of dealing with die-off is not exactly something I want to deal with right now given the "state of flux" this house is in since the departure of the very able Diva of Semarang T__T  Seriously, there are days when I think I should move back to a 1,500 sq feet box in the air :P

  • Jojo seemed to have an elevated body temperature after about 3 doses. Not a full-blown fever but a slight elevation of temperature, higher than normal.  
  • He started coughing in the late afternoon as well which continued into the night.  Not continuous but sounded quite chesty/phlegm-y.  
  • Seemed more hyperactive beginning in the early evening with excited grabbing, pinching and poking. (I have a bruise to attest to a particularly STRONG poke!)


Like a log

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

I am starting this blog as a record of my son Jojo's "journey" on the MMS protocol.

Jojo is a loving and affectionate 10 years 11 months old boy at the time of writing.  He was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years 2 months old, in June 2005.  

I remember it being a very dark time then, when we first received the diagnosis.  At that time in Malaysia, there were only a few centres that taught some form of ABA therapy, some freelancers who provided one-on-one home therapy but not much more than that. We didn't know what to do nor where to go to get help but God sent us angels in the form of Mums who had already been fighting the good fight for their children with autism.  These wonderful ladies helped us and guided us to getting Jojo an ABA therapy programme going at home from October 2005.

We only started biomedical treatment for Jojo in December 2005. I decided to give it a go because my mother's instinct told me that Jojo suffers from egregious tummy problems.  I also knew he was allergic to cow's milk at the time (didn't know soy had almost the same effect on him and was giving him soy milk :( ) I didn't know any other mother who did biomedical treatment for their child with autism then.  Through the help of a DAN! Rescue Angel, I was put in touch with a DAN! Doctor in Jakarta, Indonesia.  I brought my little man to Jakarta, endured the amazingly horrendous traffic congestion to and fro her clinic in Bogor (it's still a marvel how he took being stuck in the car for 3 hours without a meltdown then!) and started him on the DAN! Protocol of supplementation.

His blood sample was taken and flown to the US to be analysed and the results came back positive for an entire list of food allergies as long as my arm.  He was promptly put on a GF/CF/Sugar-Fee diet then... and remains on the diet till this day.  We saw a lot of improvements with the GF/CF/SF diet.  For one, he stopped wanting to run head-on into walls and stopped bumping into things and getting bruised all over.  Prior to the diet he'd bump into tables/chairs/walls and not feel any pain. He used to stumble a lot too when walking.  He stopped lining things up (everything imaginable!) too when he started the GF/CF/SF diet.

Jojo is non-verbal, he was beginning to say "Baba" and "1,2,3,." when he fell ill at about 20 months old and lost his ability to say those words. (His elder brother was also a late talker... but once he started talking....! :D) ABA therapy taught Jojo to be compliant with instructions, recognise receptive labels, play appropriately and all in all be able to deal with the environment around him. At that time, we also sent him to Occupational Therapy (OT) sessions to deal with his Sensory Integration issues.  The OT helped him  a lot with his motor skills and his sensorial needs.  He became more confident when at the swimming pool (going on the slides himself) or at the park where he'd enjoy climbing on the monkey bars.

It was only a couple of years ago that I got to know two wonderful ladies who started the KL Biomed Group for children with autism.  Rafidah and Marissa, may the blessings of God always be with you and your loved ones.  Thank you for all that you do for us Mums who flounder around (in desperation for the most part!) looking for what can help our children.

I am realistic about biomedical treatment, as I am about ABA therapy.  Each protocol/therapy may work amazingly for some but not for others.   I do not expect miracles nor a cure (but if it is on the cards, I'd take it any day! :) ) but I trudge on hoping that something is going to *click* for Jojo, be the missing piece that unlocks the doorway to healing.... and possibly, cure.

So we begin with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful...