Thursday, 7 March 2013

MMS : Day 3 ~ The Beginning of Speech?

3 drops of activated MMS in 8oz of water.


Jojo seemed to be "happily agitated" (I can't quite describe it any other way!) still today, smiling whilst grabbing/poking but I noticed less of the grabbing and poking than yesterday.

However, the biggest "high" of the day was when he handed me his iPad to ask for pancakes using Proloquo2go and said "pampam". Prior to this, if he wanted to request anything using the Proloquo2go from me, he'd just press the pic/icon of the item he wanted and leave the iPad lying around without even passing it to me, without saying anything. So when I first heard him say "pampam" yesterday, I thought I was just hearing things. (I have a pretty wild imagination :P) I put it down to me wanting to hear him say something so much.Then, later in the evening, he practically shoved his iPad under my nose and said, "pampam!" again and the pic of the pancake was right there in the item requested window!

As I posted in the MMS Autism Facebook Group, I don't know if it was magic / my imagination / MMS but I felt like doing cartwheels XD

For a child who is extremely reluctant to open his mouth to verbalise anything, this was a HUGE deal. 

As this is only our 3rd day, at 3 drops... I am hoping that this just the start of many more good things to come. Aamiin.

I was worried that he might not like the taste of the MMS but he seems to take to it all right.  I put the baby bottle in the fridge so he gets to drink the MMS chilled.


Went out like a light and slept on peacefully till the morning.