Tuesday, 5 March 2013

MMS : Day 1

Following Kerri Rivera's MMS (baby bottle) protocol, we started off with 1 drop of activated MMS in 8 ozs of water stored in a glass baby bottle.

Jojo is given 1 oz of the mixture hourly, so effectively he is getting 1/8th of a drop each time. His first dose was given after school at 1 pm.  He is now given 8 doses only although my reading tells me that it is a minimum.  I suppose I could increase up to 9-12 doses a day but I'm kinda leery of the possible increase in die-off effects too.

Given a choice, the joys of dealing with die-off is not exactly something I want to deal with right now given the "state of flux" this house is in since the departure of the very able Diva of Semarang T__T  Seriously, there are days when I think I should move back to a 1,500 sq feet box in the air :P

  • Jojo seemed to have an elevated body temperature after about 3 doses. Not a full-blown fever but a slight elevation of temperature, higher than normal.  
  • He started coughing in the late afternoon as well which continued into the night.  Not continuous but sounded quite chesty/phlegm-y.  
  • Seemed more hyperactive beginning in the early evening with excited grabbing, pinching and poking. (I have a bruise to attest to a particularly STRONG poke!)


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