Saturday, 23 March 2013

MMS : Day 19 ~ Herxing

Supposed to be 22 drops Keavy's MMS = 11 drops standard MMS, total of maximum number of doses I could get in him, it being the weekend and all... if everything had been all right.

However, Jojo started vomiting about 30 minutes after the first dose, which I gave him at 6:30am.

He had stormed into our bedroom, giggling and laughing (the yeasty kind), exuberant and besides himself with glee at 6:30am.  God only Knows how long he had been up for or whether he had a slept a wink the night before.  (I didn't rewind the CCTV footage to check.)

He threw up twice this morning (not the projectile, Linda Blair kind as some have noted when their child Herx-es on MMS, thank the Lord) after which I stopped the day's dosing.

Tomorrow I go back to the number of drops where he didn't vomit, stay there for a few days before ramping up again.  I had expected this Herxheimer's reaction but prolly not as soon as this.

As much as I am keen to reach max dose so that we can start Kalcker's Parasite Protocol on time next month, it is important not to stress him or make him suffer (any more than he already has).

There are reason I don't allow comments on this blog.

It's almost like a private journal/diary of Jojo's MMS journey.  It just happens to be online.  I need a place where I can keep track of the number of drops given and on what days.  I need to keep a record of the observations I make, the reaction he has towards a particular dose or frequency of dosing.  I need to see a 'pattern', if there is one, of his reaction towards the oral doses, enemas and baths.

As such, it's a DRY blog. I am convinced I am the only who reads it, so providing a space for comments is rather moot.

Secondly, I know there are loads of naysayers out there who do not necessarily agree to my decision to treat Jojo's inherent and chronic gastrointestinal issues with MMS.  I have read what all those on the other side of the divide have to say about it and I don't really want to hear the same broken record.  I have made my decision and as his mother I have a right to make it.  Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion, just that I would like them to keep it that way... personal, I have no need nor desire for them to share it with me. Ta very mooch.

Call me an ostrich if you will but when you rail against those who put chemotherapy drugs in children then perhaps I'd give you the time of day.  Prove to me that MMS given according to Kerri Rivera's protocol has actually HURT a child, then perhaps I might consider giving #teambleach my attention.

This is the last I am going to say about the matter but it needs to be said.

Enema:  20 drops in 1 litre

Sleep : Like a log