Sunday, 24 March 2013

MMS : Day 20 ~ Stasis

20 drops activated MMS (Keavy's) = 10 drops activated standard MMS, total of 10 doses.

We stayed at 10 drops (henceforth shall be writing in terms of standard MMS) today, will prolly stay here at 10 drops for another day before (cautiously) ramping up to 11 drops the day after tomorrow. 

I suspect it's not so much Herxing but Jojo swallowing too much air when he's gulping down the morning MMS doses.  The air enters his tummy, makes him burp and regurgitate the MMS. Still... it's better to err on the side of caution.

Not a bad day for Jojo today. Generally calm but not languid.  Short, intermittent bursts of annoyance whilst at his gran's.


Given at 6pm -- 20 drops MMS in 1 litre. Seems to be able to take in and hold in more for a little bit longer than usual.  I haven't come to the point where I am "poop diving" yet, so I don't really know if there are any parasites coming out on the MMS oral and enemas alone.

I'm kinda keen though, to finally confirm my 'suspicions' that Jojo does indeed suffer from parasite infestation. However I will need to reach max dose of MMS (i.e. 26 drops) for Jojo's weight before I can start the PP. Since each month's PP begins 2 days before the full moon and is therefore at a specific time, I can only jump on the wagon next month, In shaa Allah.  Hopefully would have safely reached max dose by then.


Beautifully peacefully.  I notice that he sleeps very well on days when he gets an enema.  Kerri suggests daily enemas, so I shall follow from now on.