Sunday, 10 March 2013

MMS : Day 6 ~ Diarrhea

6 drops activated MMS in 8 ozs of water (8 doses) + 5 drops activated MMS in 8 ozs water (4 doses). Total : 12 doses


Today the diarrhea started.  Not the "faucet" variety (to put it in Kerri's words) but the soft, unformed stool variety.  I was thinking of going back to 5 drops and stay there for the next 3 days then ramp up again to 6 drops. So I e-mailed Kerri (I hope she doesn't think I am the biggest nuisance! T__T) and she said that it's normal 'detox stool' and should not worry about ramping up another drop tomorrow.

Jojo was in a very happy mood today -- all smiles and giggles (not yeast-induced ones, at least I don't think so!) engaging with all of us in play.  He was still rather languid -- calm and not hyper. 

He got a bit upset in the evening when the nearby mosque started their ritual evening Quran readings over the PA. (Totally unnecessary and bida'ah if you ask me, but hey what do I know.. I'm just your friendly neighbourhood wahabi, right? *tongue firmly wedged in cheek* :P) When the adhan came on he got upset too.  All in all, I noticed an increased sensitivity to sound today.


Slept at 10pm and straight on till the a.m.  I still notice dark circles around his eyes (lighter though now). Most probably due to his (numerous) food intolerances, although we watch his GF/CF/SF diet like a hawk.