Tuesday, 12 March 2013

MMS : Day 8 ~ Semboyan Telah Berbunyi*

8 drops of activated MMS in 8 ozs of water, total of 10 doses.


  • Jojo woke up in a good mood today.  He was like a playful kitten the rest of the day, lots of smiles and cheeky antics.  
  • Calm and languid as the past several days.  Didn't throw usual tantrum when he came back from school, Alhamdulillah.
  • Stomach no longer bloated with gas.
  • Sores from 'chronic eczema' (as per dermatologist's diagnosis, but I believe it's those danged parasites!) on his buttocks are healing and not recurring as per usual.
  • Sores on legs persist because he keeps peeling off the scabs.


Fell asleep early in my bed but when I sent him to his room, helped him brush his teeth and tucked him into bed, he woke up again. Saw him get out of bed on the CCTV, went back to tuck him back in.  About 10 mins of whingeing and whining (again observed on CCTV) but then he fell asleep again, thank the Lord!

________________________ . __________________________

*Semboyan Telah Berbunyi = The Klaxon call has been sounded

Today's post is titled the way it is because the "klaxon call" for enemas has been sounded.  I find even the mere thought of administering enemas on Jojo (who is now almost as tall as I am and as strong as an ox!) daunting as all get out.

However, I know it HAS to be done.  I feel like a total wuss for being daunted by the mere thought when I read on the MMS Autism Facebook group that there are wheelchair bound mums who manage to administer it on their late-teen children with autism.  So come on Z, wrestle with Jojo if you must but you have to get this done!

*deep inhale deep exhale*

I don't have the 140cc Kendall Monoject syringes and disposable catheters that I want from mightyguts.com ... YET... so I will have to go the more 'traditional' enema bag route.

Bought this kit from NewLife in Ampang Park, the oldest mall in the city. The size of that anal probe is kinda wigging me out at the mo'. I am not sure what Jojo will think :P

Jojo likes to loll about in the guest room downstairs, under his fave calming blanket.  Perhaps I'll do it there, put on some soothing sounds of nature whilst I'm at it.  (At school he has his "personal calming corner" where he has a blanket and some cushions and they put on soothing music and draw the curtains for him whenever things get a bit... overwhelming.)  Thankfully the guest room has an en suite bathroom 'coz if he can't hold it in, he can just quickly "let go" in the commode.

.... so here goes... menuju medan bakti!

(The title of this post is actually from a rousing song that is sung by our troops when they head out to the frontlines of war.. With everything happening in Lahad Datu, Sabah recently... [although in no way am I equating our troops' sacrifice and struggle to mine]... I guess I am feeling the 'war vibe'.)