Friday, 8 March 2013

MMS : Day 4 ~ Constipation

4 drops of activated MMS in 8 ozs of water, total of 9 doses.


Jojo started the day off rather languidly, a few minutes he was due to leave for school I had to go looking for him.  He is usually by the door, with his sandals on, waiting for the driver to arrive to send him to school.  This morning he was not by the door.  I found him in the kitchen, lying on the floor (!) in a Cleopatra pose (haha!) just languidly relaxing without any urgency to go anywhere.

Thank God he didn't throw a hissy fit when we made him get up and go to school! 

I had to attend (ABA) parent-training at his school today and his therapists showed me how they play Uno with him.  He was calm and very cooperative.  We had fun, lots of smiles and I managed to win at Uno for once! LOL 

His lead therapist told me that his behaviour has been good this past week (I didn't tell them that I had started Jojo on MMS.  They are not very receptive to the idea of biomedical treatment for children with autism anyhoos..) and he has shown ability to CALM HIMSELF DOWN even when he feels frustrated.  He'd sit cross-legged on the floor, cross his arms a'la "nice hands" position and sit quietly for 2-3 mins.  After that he'll just get up and carry on as normal.  Cool beans, eh? :D Alhamdulillah..

Jojo didn't have his usual BM* today.  His mood seemed all right in the afternoon but by evening he appeared restless. He seemed tired by 10:30pm, yawning and ready to fall asleep. So I tucked him into bed and left him.  I usually watch him via CCTV from my room to make sure he falls asleep (by himself) peacefully.  I could easily lie down next to him to do so but I don't want him to get used to having someone do that.  He'll be 25 before we know it and still expect someone to pat him to sleep! NOT something I want. 

Anyhoos... I observed him being very restless. He got up from bed, started pacing all around his room like a caged tiger. He opened his bedroom door in expectation of me to come, he started to look up at the camera (he knows I am watching) more frequently. Then he started banging on his bedside table, his wardrobe in anger.  I went a couple of times to tuck him back into bed, only for him to get up again as soon as I leave. 

That was when I decided to email Kerri (at 12:00am Malaysian time). This is one of the times I am thankful for time difference between time zones! I asked Kerri if there's anything that I can do to alleviate the apparent discomfort that Jojo was feeling.  She replied promptly (!) and sent me this:

I totally believe that Jojo has worms even though we haven't reached the stage for the Parasite Protocol and the joys of 'digging for gold' are not available for me yet XD

 It was 12:00 am, I did not have any of the necessary paraphernalia to administer an enema so extra MMS doses were my only recourse.  I mixed another 8 oz baby bottle of 4 drops activated MMS and promptly gave Jojo a dose. He had been up for close to 1.5 hrs by that time, in discomfort and agitation.  After the MMS dose, 10 minutes later he went out like a light.

If I had any doubts of the efficacy of MMS, they all went out the window after that.

This stuff is magic in a HDPE bottle.


Bought these from Keavy's Corner

*BM = bowel movement